Best Alternative to Adobe Media Encoder for Windows or Mac

Adobe Media Encoder recently stopped working for me. It will launch when I queue a project to be exported, however, the project won’t show up in AME so I can start the export process. I’ve searched and tried everything I can find with regards to fixing AME but still not working. Any solution?

Though AME was generally faster, Adobe Media Encoder cannot install or work properly sometimes. And AME was less flexible in many of its settings. For example, based on our first tests:

– AME defaults to single-pass encoding, without using hardware acceleration for QuickTime movies. This yields faster performance though at the risk of larger file sizes and reduced image quality.
– Adobe Media Encoder totally bogged down when trying to compress narrated Keynote slides that had no animation.
– Adobe Media Encoder does not allow setting bit rates for audio compression, only sample rates.
– Adobe Media Encoder hangs and crashes regardless of my output settings. Our computer should have enough juice to encode what we need it to.

Best Alternative to Adobe Media Encoder

To solve the issue, you’d better get an alternative to Adobe Media Encoder. Here DumboFab Video Converter (or Mac version) is recommended as the best replacement to Adobe Media Encoder.

• Transcode and export videos to MP4, H.264, H.265, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG-2 and 300+ profiles without quality loss.
• Change video parameters like codec, bitrate, frame rate, etc. to fit different apps and screens.
• Reduce & Compress 4K/HD Video Size Without Quality Loss.
• Edit 4K/Full HD Videos Efficiently. No Experience Required!
• 30X real time faster to convert videos with the with NVIDIA® CUDA™ Intel® Core™ and AMD® acceleration technology.

How to Encode Videos with AME Alternative- DumboFab Video Converter

Step 1. Load the source

Launch DumboFab Video Converter, and then drag and drop the source video into the main UI for loading, or navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI.

Step 2. Choose one profile

Clicking the “Format” bar, you can choose one format or device profile from the format list. If you have higher requests regarding the output video, you can set all the video and audio parameters in “Profile Settings” window, and deeply customize the output video effect with the built-in video editor.

Step 3. Start to convert videos

Click the “Convert” button, DumboFab Video Converter will immediately begin converting video to the target profile you have chosen. The conversion speed depends on your file size.

Author: Chris Gu

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