Best Way to Convert DVD ISO to MP4 without Quality Loss

“I have a huge video in .iso format (50 GB) that I want to convert into a compressed .mp4 and I was hoping that Media Encoder could do this, but apparently it’s more complicated than that. Does anyone know of a way to turn an DVD .iso video into a smaller .mp4?”

ISO image is an archive file with the extension of .iso composed of all the data contents of an optical disc. It will keep the original quality of a DVD. Sometimes, you may need to convert DVD ISO to MP4, or another compressed format for storage, playback or editing. This is article will list 2 most effective methods for you to change ISO to MP4 without quality loss.

Part I. Why We Need Convert DVD ISO to MP4 Format

ISO image is an uncompressed archive file of the physical optical disc, and taken as the top choice for DVD owners to build their media library. Then sometimes they also need to convert ISO to MP4 for the reasons below.

Large File Size: A standard single-sided and single-layer DVD-5 can hold a 120-minute movie up to 4.7GB, and a dual-layer DVD-9 has a larger capacity of 8.5GB. As the 1:1 copy of physical DVD, ISO image perfectly preserves all usable data (files and folders included) on the original DVD sector by sector and takes the similar file size with DVD disc. No matter you make ISO images yourself with ImgBurn or get ISO movie files from a friend or online sites, large size anyway.

Bad Compatibility: It is not welcomed by smart personal and home entertainment devices, for instance, TVs, iOS/Android/Windows mobiles and streaming services like Plex mentioned above, movie collectors choose to convert ISO to MP4 out of habit for watching everywhere or just freeing up limited space.

Part II. Best ISO to MP4 Converter- Convert and Compress DVD ISO to MP4 with Best Quality

DumboFab DVD Ripper, one of the best ISO to MP4 converter, is good at ripping DVD discs and converting DVD ISO files to MP4 as well as MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc formats. With constant improvement over a decade, it gives a wide support of DVDs and output profiles (MP4 and more) as well as delivers great DVD ripping performance, from its ease of use, stability to speediness.

It is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface that without any third-party toolbars or software can make it easier for you to operate and handle this software. In view of the truth that many of you do not have the need to frequently download software; they will not uncheck the boxes associated with the software at installation time.

It accepts various DVD sources with a powerful decryption ability.

DumboFab DVD Ripper allows users to import virtually all types of DVD as input. It can not only well receive intact home-made or newly purchased discs, but reactive old scratched ones with extraction of full movie content. Besides physical discs, it can support other DVD sources, like ISO image and VIDEO_TS folder. It has a powerful decryption ability to deal with different kinds of copy-protected DVD encryption technology.

It’s easy to us and presets hundreds of output profiles.

Besides MP4, the DVD ripper supports all popular formats and portable devices, and even more, for example, Apple devices, Android devices, and smart TVs.

It delivers optimized quality.

Quality is important! A terrible-looking resulting file will severely frustrate me. Fortunately, DumboFab DVD Ripper Platinum never compromise quality during ripping a DVD.

It boosts DVD ripping speed with GPU acceleration.

The advanced NVIDIA CUDA, AMD APP and Intel Quick Sync GPU accelerating technology guarantee the 6X quicker DVD ripping process compared to other DVD ripping software on the market.

It supports compression techniques and output quality.

This ISO converter is able to compress a large ISO file to a smaller MP4 file, but maintain the highest quality.

Step 1. Load ISO Image File

Click “File” button to load ISO image file. All movie titles will be detected and listed in few seconds after analyzing. Additionally, just as the image below shows, you can add DVD Disc or DVD Folder to this program as well.

Step 2. Select MP4 as Output Format

Click Format bar and then select MP4 in the “Common Video” profile list. In addition, there are 300+ video, audio formats and devices here. You can also convert ISO to MKV, convert ISO to AVI and even convert ISO to Andriod and iPhone for easy playing.

Optional – For advanced user, you are allowed to specify the parameters by clicking “Settings” button in the lower right corner. Here you can change video resolution, bitrates, encoder, frame rate, boost volume, etc.

Step 3. Start Converting ISO to MP4

Once you finish the two steps above, set output path and click “Convert” button to start to convert ISO file to MP4. Meanwhile, it’s a process of reducing video size from 6-8 GB to around 1 GB, so that you can save more storage space.

Part III. How to Change DVD ISO to MP4 with Handbrake

If you’re working with ISO images or disc folders, it’s possible to queue up multiple encoding jobs to run consecutively to save having to be around when each finishes. The sheer level of control makes HandBrake well worth a try.

Steps to convert ISO to MP4 Handbrake:

Step 1: Download, install and open the Handbrake program on your PC. A Source Selection interface will appear. On the left side panel, click File to import ISO files from your PC. You can even drag and drop the files.

Step 2: Once scanned, the ISO files will be added to the interface with its information. Next, choose the title and the preset format or the device as desired. Under the Summary tab, choose MP4 as the output format. If needed, audio and video codecs can be customized.

Step 3: At the Save As tab, choose the output directly. Click the green marked Start Encode button to begin the process of ISO to MP4 handbrake conversion.

The limitation of Using Handbrake

Handbrake works as a basic ISO to MP4 conversion tool with its share of limitations and drawbacks.

– A lot of users get errors like No Valid Source found where there is a problem locating and scanning the ISO file.

– No support for batch conversion of files.

– The editing features are limited as compared to other professional tools.

– The graphical interface of the program is not an easy one to use.

– With a lot of settings and options, the program can become a challenging one for the beginners.


The advantage is Handbrake’s availability for Windows, Mac as well as Linux platforms and also it being OK for general conversion tasks which include non-protected DVDs. Although, if you have an entire collection of your favorite movies and TV shows and want to digitize them to MP4 with fast speed and zero quality loss, then DumboFab DVD Ripper would be ideal.

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